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Isn’t it kind of known that you eat less in the summer? All that “it’s too hot to cook” thing and “it got so late I forgot to make dinner”? Um, yeah. I’m not finding that the case. I’ve been eating like a bear preparing for hibernation. When really I should be eating like a girl that is taking her boys to the pool multiple times a week. What gives? Sure I’m taking advantage of all the awesome produce that’s available right now but I’m following it up with popcorn for dinner, cookies, bread and butter and any other carb-y thing I can get my hands on. All I can say is it’s a good thing I dig working out. Otherwise Mountain Mama would be in a wee bit of trouble and instead of getting in the pool I’d be hiding in the corner conservatively in my mu-mu.

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Speaking of eating, this is my new favorite snack to take to the pool. A jar of peanut butter. Sure you see carrot sticks here but I really like to dip pretzel sticks too. And my fingers.

Holy bajoles I want these for breakfast.

And this for lunch. And dinner too. Man I love easy.

And this for dessert. Totally the reason my bathing suit isn’t going to fit.

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Could you just eat my little one? In a matter of days he went from the death grip every time we went into the pool to swimming laps and diving into the deep end. He was so tired the other day that he crawled up to take a break with his mama. He’s so yummy it hurts.

Great advice for throwing a party. Plus I want to take a bath in the sauce.

Seriously the BEST thing I’ve seen in a really long time.

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I’m starting to get the canning bug. I made my favorite quick pickles last week and am starting my mental list of what I’m going to put up this year. Tomatoes are always my favorite but SO much work. Do you do any canning? What’s your favorite thing to put up?

Obsessing over these new snacks.

I want this robe. And a porch to wear it on and a mug of steaming coffee to go with.

I think I need this dress.

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Who doesn’t love a good picture of a dog in her element? My weekly shot of my four legged gal is doing what she loves best. I’m so lucky to have such a great side kick. #chubbygirl