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Park City is know for it’s dry summers and hopefully heavy snow winters. But rain? Not so much. And rain for a month straight? Totally unheard of. Expect that’s what we’ve had almost all of August. Rain every day. And while the part of me that recognizes that we’re in a severe drought welcomes it, there is another part of me that is mourning my tomatoes that don’t want to grow and kind of wish summer would stick around just a little bit longer. I’m not quite ready to pull out my sweaters and long pants. And I surely am not prepared to see the leaves already changing on the mountains. All I can hope is that the rain continues right on through the winter and we get a HUGE amount of snow. Crossing my fingers….

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These are SO happening this week. But I’m thinking in bundt form.

And this is already in bundt form. I’ll take a fork and some privacy, please.

OMG. The carb lover in me wants to stick the whole loaf in my face.

And I’d like smother this on everything in sight.

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I’m obsessing over this Etsy shop. I ordered a few of these and this.

Yay or nay on the boots? Or are these called booties? I’m a grown a$$ woman so callilng these shoes for myself “booties” feels wrong. But I digress. Grey or black?

Last week I shared the an emotional #ALSicebucketchallenge and this week I’m sharing the funniest yet. That is, of course, you think 3-year olds dropping the f-bomb is funny.

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I’ve been canning up a storm this past week and I’m excited to share a bunch of new recipes with you next week. I’m teaming up with two (her and her!) blogging friends to bring you CANNING WEEK! We’ll have fun giveaway and be sharing some awesome seasonal canning recipes.

Who wants to go with me?

I’m LOVING this recipe. Could it be more gorgeous? Or seasonal?

Sparks Naturals Diffusers | The Goods |

I absolutely love the diffusers from Sparks Naturals. If you’ve never used one, I highly encourage you to do so. It’s my favorite for calming myself and the kiddos before bed. I diffuse a blend of lavender and frankincense. It’s also awesome in the kitchen. I blend a mix of lemon or wild orange and peppermint to get rid of “kitchen smells” like salmon or bacon. Use the code: MOUNTAINMAMACOOKS to get 20% off this week. It’s the best deal around!

Just ordered this and this for my next reads.

Thankful to a friend that shared this with me this week. Perspective is everything.

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And last but not least my favorite shot of the week of my favorite furry friend. She’s finally found her “place” and it’s a gorgeous one at that all nestled in and cozy on the couch with a birds eye view of the neighborhood happenings. Hot damn I love this girl.

Have a good one, everyone!!