The Goods

I know I’m posting a lot of hiking photos the past few weeks but the trails are at their prime right now. The colors are changing quickly, the weather is perfect for breaking a sweat outside and because I’m nursing an injured shoulder, hiking is my favorite form of exercise right now. I’ve been getting out everyday enjoying the fall and you can bet that the photos won’t be stopping anytime soon. Hope you enjoy them!

The Goods |

My favorite recipes from around the web this week:

Healing one bowl at a time.

Oh my, how right are these cookies?

Taco Tuesday x infinity.

And these pancakes? Be still my peanut butter loving heart.


Do you know what to do if you’re charged by a moose? I only ask because I encountered one yesterday and did the only thing that came to my mind: RUN. (Like the dickens I might add.)

I’ve ordered and sent back two pair of trail running shoes in the last month. I’ve heard nothing but great reviews of these and thinking of giving them a try. What do you think?

I’m so not a DIY’er but totally thinking I could do this to the fridge in our garage.


Last night I fed the kiddos an early dinner and then sat down to a dinner for one to plan meals, upcoming blogging recipes and my infinitely long Trader Joe’s list. So I ask, what are your favorite finds at TJ’s?

Not a TJ’s find but obsessing over this vinegar as of late. I use it on just about everything right now.

My new guilty pleasure for late night tv watching. I’m a sucker for DIY shows. And let’s be real, hot contractors.

I’m a little embarrassed to admit it but I’m totally sucked into this. It’s just so unreal to me. But fascinating at the same time. And kind of funny and sweet. And the whole time I watch, I’m like REALLY? And how can they be so dang happy all the time? SUCKED IN, I tell you.
(And not proud of it.)


Whenever I can’t find my littlest, he’s usually in the garage, riding his dads motorcycle to a make believe world with ninjas, doughnuts and spiderman. Or so he tells me.

A few book recommendation’s for all the readers out there:

I blew through this book book in just under a week.

And this book? I finished it last night and loved it. Like really LOVED it.

And because you can never have enough cookbooks, this one is gorgeous. And is quickly about to become a favorite. It’s full of some amazing (and light) recipes! I’ve already earmarked a handful of recipes to try!

Have a great rest of the week, everyone!