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With a bum shoulder and a month of running and gunning, I took this week to slow down and get my grounding again. I did two rounds of acupuncture (seriously the best….), slept in, had breakfast in bed and made sure to get outside each day for fresh air and exercise. I still ran around plenty with the kids but all work and house stuff has been pushed aside- you should see my laundry room and email inbox. But it’s been worth it. So very worth it.

The Goods |
Date night drive with my husband earlier this week.

The Mr. and I had a date night a few nights ago and instead of our planned dinner and movie out, we opted for a drive over Guardsman Pass which connects Park City to Big Cottonwood Canyon and dinner at Silver Fork Lodge. Homemade goodness and a decent wine menu. What more could you ask for?

Blame it on the season but I’m all about flannel right now. How cute is this shirt? Add my favorite leggings and these adorable booties and you’re set. This could be my winter uniform.

And can we all just agree that wearing slippers to do errands is totally cool? Pretty please?

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Breakfast in bed is a cherished thing.

I stayed up late and in bed well after I would normally get up to finish this book so I could get it back to the library today. I can’t recommend it enough. Loved it!

Speaking of books, need a book recommendation? Kristan has so you covered. Plus you’ll also find hilarious writing and a recipe for these cupcakes. Thank you and your welcome.

Do you smudge?

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My little sous chef.

My littlest is very into cooking right now. We made tomato soup from scratch the other day and he was involved the whole way through. Could we just stop time and let him stay this age? It’s pure magic.

How amazing does this slow cooker recipe look? (ps- she’s giving a slow cooker away too!)

And THIS is about to change the way I do breakfast. HELLO!

Bring me all the cake. ALL OF IT!

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Some much needed fresh air and walk with Mother Nature.

Slowing down. Embracing the moment. Opening our homes. It’s exactly what I need to hear this week. AND a recipe I can’t wait to try. Find the details HERE.

Always on the search for a great bag– this one looks like it could fit the bill.

Halloween costumes for moms. Who said kids should have all the fun?

I need a new heating pad. Am I crafty enough to make my own???

The Goods |
Red Velvet Lover’s from my dear friend Deb!

And lastly, the biggest of congrats to my friend Deb of Taste and Tell who just came out with her first cookbook, Red Velvet Lover’s. If you love Red Velvet, this book is made for you. So many fun twists on the classic. You can order it HERE!!