The Goods

It’s finally starting to feel like spring around here. It’s been gorgeous weather all week and I’m loving the sunshine and blue skies. We spent the weekend picking up our yard and recovering the 40 something (no joke) tennis balls that have been hidden under the snow all winter. I cleaned out my garden and lined it with a fresh layer of compost. I’ll wait another month before I plant anything but it’s ready to go none the less. I’ve been puttering around the house this week as I made it a point to say NO to all extracurricular activities this week. I may or may not have lived in my pajamas a good part of the last few days and when I did get dressed it was in either yoga clothes or my snowboarding gear. We all need some down time and I was psyched to do it right here at home. Hope you’re all having a great week! And enjoy The Goods this week.


Seriously? I could eat her. Straw sticking out her mouth and all.

snowboarding selfies

What’s another week without a snowboarding selfie? These will come to an end quick as the mountain closes on Sunday.

It’s time to start thinking of spring and hitting the trails. I just ordered some new trail running shoes. And don’t be fooled. I’m not a runner. I just prefer a lighter shoe for hiking.

relaxation week

I’ve been cooking up a storm this week as nothing makes me more relaxed then being in the kitchen. Look for this quiche tomorrow!

I came across these and am seriously swooning. Swooning.

Can we talk about this thing of beauty for a minute?

trader joes loot

I went in to Trader Joes for 7 things. SEVEN THINGS. The story of my life.

earth day owl

Because every kid needs a “I think I want my picture taken with an owl pic.”

How fun are these kids craft ideas for earth day?

I wonder how long my kiddo will call a camper a hamper. I hope until he’s 21.

nighty night

It’s hard being 4. Or so I’m told.

I thought it was hard being 37 29.

Nothing like a good controversial conversation on Facebook to start the morning.

But the biggest question of the week is the skort or capris?