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The Goods | #TheGoods

We (me and my fellow Utah snow junkies) haven’t seen a snowstorm in over a month. To say I’m going crazy is an understatement. The lack of snow is what I talk about with my husband before we go to bed. It’s the topic that inevitably comes up when I see a friend at the grocery store. And it’s all I can think about when I’m snowboarding groomers and looking at all the dirt patches that cover the mountain. My husband and I like to joke that we’re going to move to Japan for the winter. Or pick up and move to a surf town. If we can’t ride might as well live at the beach but none that is going to happen. Instead I’m going snowboard everyday in spite of the lack of snow and vent to anyone that will listen that global warming is indeed real. Since the lack of snow is definitely not The Goods this week, let’s talk about what is.

The Goods | #TheGoods
A daddy-daugther date with my Dad to Hires in Salt Lake.

My new favorite tv show. I’m so hooked.

I’m a fanatic about hand creams. This one passes the test. Bonus that it smells good and is organic.

Brightening up my shower routine with this. It’s all I can do to not eat it.

This is a life saver for dry hair. Plus it smells amazing.

The Goods | #TheGoods
I made the most incredible carrot cake this week. I’ll try and blog it soon!

I’m digging the funky leggings craze and these are so on my radar.

Damn, I love Kate Winslet.

This is what I’m reading now. I didn’t realize it was a sequel to this (which I haven’t read) so perhaps that will be next.

But first I’ll read this. It’s gotten such great reviews.

The Goods | #TheGoods
Foodie Tour at Canyons Resort this week. We skied and chowed- my two favorite things!

Grown up chicken tenders for the win!

Can we please live on soups like this one all winter? #becausebacon

And eat these for dessert all day long? (Perfect for potluck or a large group, fyi)

Kick that sluggish feeling with this detoxifying smoothie!

I want to make rice just I can use the leftovers to make these.

The Goods | #TheGoods
No Nacho this week but a sweet pic of my ‘ol gal.

Have a great Thursday everyone! xo, Kelley