The Goods

Donuts always seem like a good idea at the time but I walked around most of the day yesterday with donut bloat belly. But they were so good. The struggle is real.


My husband and I never seem to find the time each week to sit down and watch episodes of tv shows so instead we binge watch full seasons when they come on Netflix or I can pick them up at the library. We watched the last two seasons of Parenthood over the last few weeks and Monday we stayed up late to finish the series finale. All I can say is I was a hot mess. We both were. It’s weird that a series had that much emotional stock in my noggin. I’m really, really going to miss the Bravermans. I’m in a state of mourning but now that soon enough I’ll be ready for a new series so please, PLEASE give me your recommendations!!!

The Goods | #TheGoods

OMG, this salad.

Ridiculously obsessed with this cake. OMG the flavors!

One pot + all the comfort + and stuffed with cheese? YES, please!!

And THIS. I almost have no words. Except, bring me a fork.

Can THIS be for dinner tonight? Bring me my wine….

The Goods | #TheGoods

I ordered some spice blends/rubs from Spiceologist this week (amazing, btw) and my husband wanted to know if they were running a special….by two get a dime bag free? 🙂

My favorite video of the week: it’s the best.

Rules for swearing children? Pretty much.

I love Pink. And not the color.

The Goods | #TheGoods

I’m sad to not be taking care of our neighbors chickens anymore. I’ve been doing a ton of research this past week about getting our own coop + some chicks! Stay tuned.

I’m in love with this pullover. I just can’t decide which color.

I just got these sandals for the summer and I LOVE them. It’s my second pair of Ahnu shoes and their comfort level is off the charts!

OMG this ring. OMG the price tag. #whoa

The Goods | #TheGoods

Obsessing over these jars.

Just started this book. Either it’s slow or I’m tired. Maybe both.

Both my fur babies wish you a great weekend filled with snuggles, stick chasing and lots of outdoor playtime! As always, thanks for reading! xo, Kelley