The Goods

This week has flown by. We’re in the process of starting the remodel on our new house, the kids are starting spring activities so it’s hockey or baseball every night and just like that, the weeks are flying by. I love the seasonal change, no matter what time of year, and even with the random snowstorm here and there, we’re experiencing a gorgeous spring. I’m doing my best to slow down during the day and take time for myself. Otherwise I’ll end up a big ‘ol mess in no time. Hope you’re all having a great week and let’s get to this weeks The Goods, shall we?

The Goods |
LOVING this book! I’ve read almost all of her novels.

Have you read any of Sarah Addison Allen’s books? I’ve read them all, love them and her newest one, a sequel to this book is no different. Definitely check it out!

As much as I don’t need any new cookbooks, I can’t help myself. I’m hoping to add this one and this one to my collection.

THIS video. It’s everything.

The Goods |
Surprise visits to the dentist are never fun. And why does the numbing gel taste SO nasty?

THIS dinner idea is gorgeous. And SO easy to make! And healthy. Woot woot!!

Love this idea for a lazy weekend breakfast idea. (hint, hint….Mother’s Day!)

And maybe these beauties as well to go with that lazy weekend brunch that is SO happening one day this weekend.

It’s grilling season and these amazing chicken skewers need to happen asap.

The Goods |
A quiet morning of coffee + meal planning.

Is it cool if I shop for myself for Mothers Day? How cute is all this stuff?

Another great book recommend for the mamas out there. Heartfelt + recipes + tips for around the house. #winning!! (Plus you can win a trip to Hawaii!!)

For all the mamas with little people: This list is THE TRUTH x 10

The Goods |
Because sometimes popcorn for dinner is all I can muster.

The best post I’ve seen on a wardrobe capsule and I think this is my next “project”.

8 lessons, 12 years + thoughts on marriage.

The curly hair dilemma. All GREAT advice.

The Goods |
Our pup is browning like a weed!!!

Have a great weekend, everyone and thanks for reading!!! xo, Kelley