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I have the best intentions you guys. I really do. I so want to show up here every week and bring you a new recipe(s) with gorgeous photos and a little story to go with but right now I’m struggling to keep milk in the fridge and take a shower every few days you know? The reality is I’ve got a trillion other things on my mind and the blog is at the bottom of the list behind life, kids, family and so forth. And as much as I’d like to think I am, I’m not actually super woman. I would like my own cape however. So like I wrote when I shared these amazingly tasty and simple cookies, If things get quiet around here for a bit it’s nothing more than me tending to life. I’ll get back to the regularly programming just as soon as I’m ready. As always, thanks for reading and enjoy The Goods!

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Park City is doing it’s May thing where one day it’s gorgeous and sunny and the next rainy and cold. Crossing my fingers for a string of nice days soon!

A girl can dream.

Do you buffer?

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I’m getting over a nasty sinus infection. I seem to be prone to them. Do you get them? Any words of wisdom you want to share?

Words NOT to use if you want to sound smarter.

64 Positive Things to Say to Your Kids. (Love 17 and 22.)

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BLT + Pasta. I’m sold.

Potatoes + beans. No really, these are GORGEOUS.

Cheese + apples (my favorite combo!) in a salad. Y to the S.

Avocado + marinated veggies. I want the whole bowl!

The perfect gluten free chocolate chip cookie. For reals.

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My better half had a birthday this week and he requested this cake. It’s darned easy and his favorite. How could I not?

Is it too late to request a pair (or two) these for Mother’s Day? (Because donut leggings are a must.)

The softest t-shirts, awesome graphics and a really good cause. I just ordered 3.

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Have a great weekend and as always, thanks for reading! xo, Kelley