White Bean and Garlic Scape Dip


Oh, garlic scape, how I love thee.

Garlic scapes, for me, are the beginning of summer. They are one of the first things to make an appearance in my local CSA basket.

Long, curly and the most beautiful shade of green, garlic scapes are simply the stalks of the garlic plant. As the stalks of garlic mature, they straighten out, creating a solid support for the more pungent bulb of garlic. But when the stalks are picked while still tender and young, the mild garlic flavor in the stalk is ideal in many dishes.


I’ve never seen scapes in the grocery store. Im fact, I only ever see them at the farmers market and only during the summer months. Except for the occasional pesto recipe, I don’t see them used that often. Do yourselves a favor and if you see them around, pick a bundle up and take them home. You won’t be disappointed. They’re delicious in a vegetable saute, soups, and I adore them in scrambled eggs.


Last week, I catered a small dinner for the Backcountry.com at my local CSA, Copper Moose Farm. It was a beautiful evening and while the guests took a tour of the farm and picked produce for their dinner, they noshed on some fabulous farm fresh appetizers.

This ultra simple white bean and garlic scape dip was the highlight for me. It is meaty, savory, creamy and the perfect bite with home made tortilla chips.


The day after the event, I used some of the leftover cherry tomatoes and made myself a platter of crostini with the tortilla chips and dip.

Simple yet divine.

The dip couldn’t be more simple. Literally all you do is through everything in the food processor and 2 minutes later you’re done.