2013 Recipe Bucket List

Mountain Mama Recipe Bucket List, www.mountainmamacooks.com

It’s no secret that I try to snowboard as much as I can this time of year. I often use the chair lift as a time to check in on social media and emails. Unless of course it’s dumping, and then I turn my phone off and ride till my legs give out. Last week, I happened across a Facebook post from Lori of Recipe Girl where she shared her bucket list of recipes she’d like to make before she dies. What a great idea, I thought. Except that’s a lot of recipes. And I get a little overwhelmed thinking too far ahead. What can I say, it’s how I roll. So throughout the morning as I was riding, I kept thinking that there are so many things I’m either scared to make or I really suck at making. Maybe I should tackle those things first…..
So now it’s happening; I’m using 2013 to tackle the recipes that seem to get the best of me. Whether I blame it on the high altitude, lack of skill or just being scared, no more excuses. It’s on. Here’s what I’m hoping to master over the next twelve months. My kitchen bucket list for 2013:

  1. Caramel. Sauce Whiskey Caramel Sauce made 2/6/2013, toffee, soft candy…..you name it, I never seem to get it right. I’ve burned more than one pan trying to get ‘er done. I have a cheater caramel sauce I make but it doesn’t count. I want to master them all. Even if it takes 20 lbs of butter to do it.
  2. Biscuits. I even had a one on one tutorial from my friend, Annalise, who is the queen of biscuits and I still can’t make them. Unless, of course, hockey pucks are your thing. I want fluffy. And flakey. And buttery. It will happen, darn it.
  3. Pasta. I’ve never made it and it’s something I’ve always wanted to do at home. It seems sooooooo daunting, doesn’t it? I don’t have any fancy equipment and not an Italian bone in my body. But I love the idea of it and for years it’s been something I’ve wanted to learn.
  4. Pot Stickers. I’m not scared to make them per say, but when I think of making them at home, I think of messy. And time consuming. And they make some pretty darn good frozen ones so I’ve yet to try my hand. BUT, I have literally almost a dozen pot sticker recipes that I’ve either bookmarked or pulled from various publications. These are so happening sooner rather than later.
  5. Break down a whole chicken. I usually have the butcher at Whole Foods do it for me but it’s high time I do it myself. For no other reason but to say that I know how. This reminds me I need to sharpen my knives…..
  6. And lastly, I really want to make soft pretzels. I don’t do a lot of baking with yeast and for whatever reason, soft pretzels are what I want to make most. My friends, Maria and Barbara and I have been talking about making them together for over a year now. Maria’s husband Josh is a bit of an expert and he’s willing to teach us. I guess we need to set up a day!

I hope everyone is settling into the New Year. Have a great weekend and we’ll “see” you next week!

What are you scared to make? Is there something you’re really horrible at making?