Summer Veggie Saute

Summer Veggie Saute, recipe by Mountain Mama Cooks

Summer is finally here. Or at least I think it is. While I understand many of you are in the full swing of summer time living, we here in the mountains use restraint when it comes to welcoming summer. Not because we don’t want to but because just when we let our guard down and pull out the flip-flops we get a spell of cold weather. I had to bring my flowers in twice last week because two nights in a row we dipped below 32F degrees. Gotta love June in a ski town. I’ve yet to plant my vegetable garden, again, in fear of a frost but I think it’s on this weekends agenda. So wish me and my tomato plants luck!

Summer Succotash Recipe from Mountain Mama Cooks

This is such a magical time of year in Park City. The days are long and the nights are absolutely beautiful. We spend the majority of our time outdoors playing at the park, going for a hike and playing in the backyard. Many evenings, my husband and I will pour a glass of wine and sit on our back porch watching the boys play. It’s the perfect way to finish the day. Not overly hot and often we have the most fantastic breeze flowing through our backyard.

Summer Vegetable Saute by Mountain Mama Cooks

It seems though that dinner time has this way of sneaking up on us and I’m left scrambling to make a quick dinner. Last night was a perfect example. While the boys and the dog played in the evening sun last night, My husband and I sat on the back porch watching, sipping and relaxing. All of a sudden “dinner time” had come and gone. We were hungry and I needed something quick.

park city, utah sunset Mountain Mama Cooks

I had some pork chops in the fridge so I put my husband to work at grilling those. I cut up just about every single vegetable I could find in my fridge and sautéed them into this beautiful side dish. Sometimes the simplest of dishes turns out to be the best. We both devoured this. It was light, full of flavorful and the perfect dish for enjoying outside. We sat around the table soaking up the last of the sun and enjoyed a late dinner just the four of us. Dare I say it was a perfect summer night.

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